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Everflow's technology makes water simple for water retailers. It increases profits and efficiencies, and the team provides a very high level of service and support. 

Everflow Tech's software led to Everflow Water becoming the UK's fastest organically growing water retailer and the group being ranked third fastest growing company in Europe in 2021 by the Financial Times.

Everflow decided to offer this software to the wider water retail market after proving its success with Everflow Water, as it wants the market as a whole to be a success, with more switching and better service across the board.

water companies

"Software designed for the water retail market, by the water retail market"


We have a range of solutions, tailored to water retailers in the UK, and tried and tested through Everflow Water. You can opt for our full system, or, if you are tied into contracts with other software providers, you can select the tools which work best for you and fit with your current processes.


Simple Quoting is the only tool available to the market that enables instant quotes, and the majority of brokers using it say they wouldn't sell water without it. It's key to Everflow Water's success as the fastest organically growing retailer in the market. 

Simple Revenue Assurance offers the ability to easily reconcile billing and settlement figures to ensure customers are being charged correctly while you are able to identify monthly trends and key outliers which need investigating. ​

These tools were created on the back of requests from people within UK water retailers, so if the solution you're looking for isn't here, chances are it's in our pipeline and if not, we can create it for you. 



energy companies

"Just add water and watch your customer base grow"


Tri-utility (gas, energy and water by one provider) is the future. For energy companies that want to be one step ahead, we can help you set up your own water retail arm, and provide you with the software your water business needs to be successful at very competitive rates.


We have a unique mix of water industry and technology experts who can provide help and advice, not just regarding whether this is the best option for you, but ongoing throughout your time with us, too. Book a chat with our Head of Client Services via the button below.

*results for Everflow Water within 6 months of implementing the module