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Who can enter the IMPART Art Prize?

The IMPART Art Prize is open to artists and curators who are Singaporean citizens or Singaporean Permanent Residents, age 18-40 years old (at the time of application).

How do I enter?

Download the application form at the link above, and submit the completed application via email to before the deadline.

How do I nominate someone for the Prize?

If you would like to nominate someone for the Prize, you may either fill in the form on their behalf and submit it to us, or have them submit their form to us along with your written nomination.

How much does it cost to enter?

It is free to enter the IMPART Art Prize.

Have you received my entry?

We will send you an email acknowledgement within 48 hours of receiving your application. If you have not received confirmation from us, please check your junk/spam folders before contacting us.

When will I hear back on the results?

All applicants will receive an email from us in December notifying them if they have been selected as a finalist or were unsuccessful this round.

When will the finalists and winners be announced?

Finalists will be announced to the public in February of the following year through our website and social media platforms. The winners will be unveiled at a private event during Singapore Art Week 2021, and announced shortly after through our website and social media platforms.

Can I receive feedback for my entry?

Unfortunately, due to the number of entries received, the judges are unable to offer any feedback on unsuccessful entries.

The artwork/exhibition I’m proposing is not complete. May I submit in-progress works?

We understand that you may wish to propose works-in-progress and unfinished series. If you’re not able to submit images for your completed works, please submit original images of exemplary past work that approximate the style and themes of your proposal. Curators must submit original images that illustrate the show’s concept, and sample images for each participating artist if any are already attached to the proposal.

I submitted an application last year but it was not selected. Can I apply again this year?

Yes, you are welcome to apply again with a selection of new works/exhibitions.

How should I prepare my personal statement for the application?

The statement is your chance to communicate directly to the jury panel. A good statement summarises your artistic/curatorial direction and practice, and may include acknowledgements of your references or inspirations.

In what format will my work be assessed?

Please do not submit the original or any physical copy of your work. Your work will be assessed only through written and photo/video documentation submitted in PDF format. More details are provide din the guidelines.

Why is there an age limit?

The IMPART Art Prize seeks to offer young visual artists and curators key support needed at an initial stage in their careers and support them to act as innovative role models advocating the value of arts to society. While some practitioners may have only spent a few years as a full time artist and to this end, and it can certainly be argued that they are in the initial stage of their career as an artist, we decided on the guidance of an age limit of 18 to 40 years for applicants as we are looking to develop and accelerate the careers of new and younger artists. The decision to do so is based primarily on the collective ambition of Art Outreach and all our stakeholders to encourage more young people to practice as full-time artists and curators. All too often, many of our most passionate and promising young visual art talents feel compelled to take up employment that offers financial stability as their efforts to be full-time artists and curators fall short of their ability to make ends meet. Our decision to restrict the age of the applicants is not one we made lightly. We certainly wish we had the resources to offer the opportunity to apply to all artists and curators. We appreciate all the feedback.


What is the prize?

Each winner will receive a SGD15,000 cash prize and SGD5,000 towards an exchange programme to New York City managed by Art Outreach (the funding will be applied to airfare, accommodation, ground transportation, food and miscellaneous expenses). An Art Outreach representative will be accompanying the winners on this exchange and will be on hand to manage and facilitate the exchange programme.

Where does the prize money come from?

Art Outreach is a non-profit charity. We fundraise year round to cover our operating budget, including the SGD60,000 funds awarded through the prize each year. Contributions come from individuals, corporates, foundations and government grants.

When will the New York study trip take place?

The New York study trip is typically scheduled around April/May of the following year to coincide with the Frieze Art Fair and Spring Exhibitions in New York. However, Art Outreach will work directly with the winners to arrange specific dates and find a time that best suits everyone’s schedule.

What does the New York study trip entail?

The New York study trip is a 4-day programme that includes visits to renowned art institutions like the Museum of Modern Art, Whitney Museum of American Art, Asia Society Museum, as well as the Frieze Art Fair, key art galleries and independent art spaces. Throughout the trip, we arrange opportunities for the winners to speak with gallerists and art industry professionals, to provide them with insights into the international art scene and market. We will also work directly with the winners to take into account their preferences and interests, and develop an itinerary that best serves their needs.

If I am a winner, how and when will I receive my prize money?

Of the SGD15,000 cash prize, the first SGD10,000 will be transferred directly to you by February in your year of award. The remaining SGD5,000 will be transferred in September, after the close of the New York study trip.


Do I have to create new artwork for the Art Prize?

No, the IMPART Art Prize does not require the submission of new work, though you are welcome to do so. You can submit new or existing pieces of work, provided they have been created no more than four years before the submission deadline and have not been previously entered for the IMPART Art Prize.

What kind of artworks can I enter?

There are no restrictions on media as we recognise that contemporary art making practices are inter and multi-disciplinary.

How many artworks can I enter?

You can submit up to 8 artworks. Although there is no minimum, we recommend to submit more artworks to allow the Jury to have a fuller understanding of your practice.

If I am selected as a finalist or winner, am I required to donate work to Art Outreach?

There is no requirement or expectation of you to donate your work to us. If you wish to, however, you are welcome to contribute a work of your choice to our charity auction that usually takes place during Singapore Art Week. The funds raised through our auction go towards our education and community programmes, and future editions of the Art Prize so that we can support more emerging artists and curators.

What criteria will I be assessed on?

Artists will be assessed on their:

  1. Artistic excellence – their outstanding portfolio, and potential and commitment to produce critical, cutting-edge work of artistic and technical excellence.
  2. Engagement and potential contribution to the arts and culture sector in Singapore – their level of engagement in contemporary art practice and dedication towards making a contribution to the arts and culture sector in Singapore through their work. Active participation in exhibitions, public programmes, competitions/awards and other activities will be an advantage.


How many exhibition samples can I enter?

You can submit up to 3 visual art exhibitions that have been curated within the last 5 years.

Am I allowed to submit past exhibitions that I have curated at an institution/museum or as part of a team?

Yes you are. Please make use of the format provided in the guidelines to articulate your exact role in the project including if you were working independently, as a co-curator, or part of a curatorial team; and the specific contributions you made (i.e. selecting and managing of artists, shaping of themes and/or layout, writing of text, etc.). Please also declare if the exhibition was mounted under an organisation/institution or received any funding. This will enable the Jury to better assess your individual circumstances and impact on the exhibition.

May I submit digital video recordings to support my application? What are the restrictions?

You may submit supplementary video recordings but please note it should be documentary in nature, serving the purpose of enabling the jury to better understand the exhibition’s layout and appearance, and not contain content pertinent to understanding the exhibition’s concept.

What type of writing samples can I include?

You may submit up to 3 writing samples (max. 500 words each) in PDF format to support your application. These can include published articles, critical reviews, curatorial statements, artwork labels, catalogue essays and entries for brochures. The intent is to allow the Jury to assess your art writing and ability for critical discourse.

What criteria will I be assessed on?

Curators will be assessed on their:

  1. Strength of portfolio – their potential in curation of visual arts presentations, in which strong art writing and ability for critical discourse, and leadership positions held would be a bonus.

  2. Understanding of visual arts in Singapore and the region – their understanding of Singapore art history, art theory and art trends. Regional experience would be advantageous.

  3. Engagement and potential contribution to the arts and culture sector in Singapore – their perceived potential benefit from the programme in terms of career progression and development, and motivation for longer-term contribution to the arts and culture scene in Singapore.

  4. Initiative and resourcefulness - demonstrated ability to independently propose and organise exhibitions, ability to resourcefully fundraise and manage artistic and production teams to achieve aims.


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Launched in 2019 by founder and CEO of the Everflow Group, Josh Gill, Everflow Tech is an award-winning software provider for the utilities industry. It makes water simple with tailored software designed to increase profits and efficiencies, along with a very high level of service and support. 

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