Everflow, the fastest growing retailer in the recently deregulated English market, has revealed the technology behind their success.

Everflow has gained the largest number of supply points in the deregulated English market, and has now launched a subsidiary company to sit alongside its water retailer, Everflow Water, in order to share the technology it has created that has driven that success.

The new venture, Everflow Tech, was created after the company realised that existing technology available to water retailers was hindering sales potential, customer service efficiencies and profitability.

Everflow Tech provides technology and software solutions for the water industry and is launching with its pioneering retail management and billing platform, ‘Eclipse’.

The software has already revolutionised the sales, customer management, settlement reconciliation and billing processes for the water retailers using it by acting as a one-stop-shop for data management and utilising automation to increase efficiencies.

Eclipse includes a broker portal with an instant single and multi-site quotation generator, covering all market SPIDs (yes – even the most pesky of trade effluent pricing!) which Everflow Water’s brokerages have been using to boost their sales for the past year. The tool has been instrumental in Everflow increasing its revenue by 10,000% since 2016 by attracting new brokerages and allowing the company to operate through a lean organisational structure.

The software has been designed to be scalable so that all retailers, large and small, can benefit from lower operating costs, increasing profitability in a low-margin environment which is key to sustainable growth. Eclipse has already been sold to a handful of Everflow’s competitors and is being used as their sole billing management system.

Jo Dando, Compliance and Operations Director at Smarta Water, says: “Eclipse has played an integral part in our success as an independent retailer. It has enabled us to efficiently and effectively manage our customers’ journey with us, from initially engaging and quoting through to accurate, on-time consolidated billing and ongoing customer service.”

Everflow Group’s Managing Director, Josh Gill, says: “Through our experience with Everflow Water, we identified some significant challenges faced by retailers in terms of the technology available to the newly deregulated water market. One of our company values is ‘pioneering’, and I believe Eclipse is one of our greatest examples of this to date – we decided to innovate rather than accept the less-than-perfect solutions that were available to us. The result has been better than we ever imagined – Eclipse has received fantastic feedback from employees, brokers and the retailers who have invested.”

Everflow Tech’s Senior Project Manager, Patrick Randall adds: “Everflow Tech has managed to bring Eclipse to other water retailers with great success. We want our innovations to make the water market more efficient and successful for retailers, water brokerages and most importantly, customers. With this first product launch, we have achieved just that and going forward, the company will continue to develop new and improved technology solutions for the water industry.”

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