Meet the Team: Tasha


Role: Events Coordinator

Where are you based? Middlesbrough

Favourite thing about working for Everflow? The openness to new ideas – I’m currently organising a some exciting online events with the purpose to explore ideas and opportunities. Watch this space.

What does a typical working day look like for you? Events are always a mixed bag with each day being different, one day it’s merchandise, the next looking at online events, another its considering venues or thinking of creative games or fun additions to include in our events. They keep you on your toes. I do co-ordinate staff parties and days out too – plenty of fun.

What’s your favourite Everflow company value, and why? Be the best – I want to make sure people that experience an Everflow event have the most fun day but also learn something. I think I have one of those mindsets where I want to achieve and perform to a high standard not just in my day job but outside of work too. You’ll find me doing crazy workouts once the working day is done!

What’s the one thing you’ve always wanted to do? Get my diving licence but in a hot country because I don’t fancy a dip in the waters by Saltburn beach.

What’s your favourite animal and why? Sharks – so misunderstood and mistreated. Close to a million sharks are killed each year for their fins and then left to sink. #protectthesharks

What’s your favourite food? Mint chocolate ice cream.

Favourite film? Scarface

What type of music do you listen to? It varies, I can go from listening to Kanye to Fleetwood Mac to a bit of 90s throwbacks.

Who is your hero? Depends are we talking Marvel or DC?

Favourite quote? Defy your limitations

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