Technology: What does the future hold, post COVID-19


Lockdown has led to more online shopping as high street stores closed in line with Government guidelines and this week they are beginning to reopen with social distancing in place. 

During isolation, restaurants began to readjust their businesses to offer delivery some investing in websites or updating current ones, Instagram made it easier for store to sell online. Supermarkets took away cash payments and the contactless payment on card machines increased. There was an increase in supermarkets home delivery service and some websites allowing only a select number in at a time. 

Technology has been vital during lockdown, connecting us to loved ones and the world at our fingertips. Smaller social media apps reported huge downloads at the beginning a lockdown causing them to be pushed into the spotlight overnight. 

But what does all this mean for technology once we can go out into the wide world again? 

More contactless infrastructure – we’ve become accustom to contactless payments and services. But the pandemic has made us aware of what we are touching hence the increase to £45 contactless payment limit this includes paying by facial recognition on your phone. There’ll more than likely be a lot more of that going on.

Stronger digital infrastructure – the Everflow Group’s employees have all been busy working from home over lockdown, the same as many other businesses. But as we ease out of working from home, some businesses may decide home or remote working is better from them. Meetings will change in the future, allowing companies to take part in overseas meeting without leaving for the airport. 

Online platforms – online shopping not just for clothes and non-essentials has become more popular with supermarkets employing more delivery drivers. In the future more companies will look to have an app or online buying platform as some big retailers had relied on instore purchasing only. Online platforms could mean more restaurants offer a pre-order service even when we are further into the future, limiting the interaction with hospitality staff. 

In the in future we will be hosting thinking and drinking event which is opportunity for people to come together and develop ideas that could change the way we work. These will be held online and in person. Watch this space!

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