We've achieved our ISO 27001

We’ve invested in our people, processes and technology and achieved our ISO 27001 accreditation!

What does this mean?

This means we have been independently assessed and have committed to being continuously reviewed to ensure we are sufficiently protecting our clients’ data.

The accreditation process

We brought Lina, Programme & Project Manager, onboard specifically to manage such processes, and she has been working hard, and continues to work hard to ensure we meet accreditation standards. For ISO 27001, Lina has been working with IT Governance to create robust policies.

The external audit was carried out over multiple days and had two stages, eventually, we passed with flying colours!

Why did we want to do it?

We understand the importance of data protection and want to make sure we’re living up to the Everflow values and ‘doing the right thing’ by our clients and their customers. We believe this encompasses taking every precaution we can to protect the data we handle. Having the continual review in place, holds us to account, ensures we’re up to speed with changes in data handling policies and gives our clients peace of mind.