simple billing


the Everflow Water retention rate thanks to simple billing*


approximate operational cost saving by automated billing in first two years*


 reduction in customer queries*

how can you achieve these results?

automated billing

automated debt management

trade effluent billing

meter read


combined billing

credit control

Simple Billing's unique features and benefits, developed by the water market, for the water market


automated billing

SQG - Instant Quote.png

Transparent, simple invoices

Same Data.png

Adjustments are market driven, reducing opportunity for human error. No more need to reconcile bills to pick up changes! 

Bespoke bill PDF with your own branding 

Tailor the billing exceptions process with customisable parameters 


trade effluent

Trade effluent billing across all tariff types

Keeps up with market strength changes

combined billing

SQG - Coterminus.png

Offer coterminous alignment across all of a customer's utilities 

Consolidated billing— any number of SPIDs on one bill!


Ability to add in site references at account level  


automated debt management


Processing efficiency— handle a greater volume of work with reduced costs

Enhanced visibility and control with real-time access to accounts


Adherence to compliance requirements— reduces human error


meter read co-ordination


Aligns with market data

Automated consumption calculations based on the latest reads

Meter read cycle tracking


credit control


Assess risk of customers immediately

Improve customer service


Reduce bad debt and improve cash flow


*based on data from Everflow Water, June 2020