simple revenue assurance

A simple solution to billing and data quality challenges within the UK water market. Loved by finance and credit teams.

why it's a hit...

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Allows reconciliation of billing and settlement figures to ensure that customers are being charged correctly


Constantly updated with additional  functionality to respond to changes in the market 


Provides a consistent view into margin, identifying monthly trends and key outliers which need investigating 

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*coming soon* Forecasting feature predicts upcoming settlement reports


Offers visibility on the impact of data items between bills and settlement charges 


Allows you to review multiple periods in aggregate to ensure that reported margin is accurate and calculated on a consistent basis with settlement charges  


financial reporting


Clear and easy to understand debt tracking

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Complete view across all billing data



 "Simple Revenue Assurance is an innovative solution to  some of the challenges faced by the market around billing data quality, both in the three years since the market opened, and particularly in light of the impacts of COVID-19 on customer bills and settlement"
James Cleave, Chief Financial Officer, Everflow Group